Second in Maths and Associate Assistant Principal Outwood Academy Redcar, Redcar

Grade: MS/UPS + TLR 2.1 plus £1500 AAP Allowance
Full Time
Start date
Jan 2020 or April 2020

Job Title: Associate Assistant Principal and Second in Maths Department
Reporting to: Head of Department & Principal
Grade: MS/UPS + TLR 2.1
Second in Maths - Permanent
Associate Assistant Principal - fixed term until 31 July 2020
Accountable for: Maths Department

An exciting opportunity to join the Senior Leadership Team at Outwood Academy Redcar.

Associate Assistant Principal Post - To provide proactive support to the Principal /Vice Principals /Assistant Principals/ Governors to ensure that the Leadership and Management of the Academy operates at the most effective level possible.

Main Role

1. To undertake the full range of duties and responsibilities as required by the Principal as set out in:
(a) The School Teachers Pay and Conditions of Service.
(b) The appropriate standards for teachers as set out by the Training Development Agency.
(c) The roles and responsibilities set out in the job description for the substantive post held by the applicant.
(d) Any other duties commensurate to the post title and grade, which the Principal may deem, appropriate.

2. To contribute to the work of the Senior Leadership Team in accordance with the requirements set out by Principal. In particular you will be required to play an active part to:

(a) Ensure the Academy achieves the objectives/targets set out in the Academy Development Plan.
(b) Deliver the Academy objectives in relation to its International Links.
(c) Embed all elements of the ‘Deeps’ within the day-to-day workings of the Academy; working across two ‘Deep’ areas you will work to promote synergy between the two.
(d) Support the activity of the Academy as a member of the Outwood Family of Schools.
(e) Promote the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda across the work of the Academy.
(f) Constantly promote the personal development of all staff and participate in the work of the Academy to achieve this.
(g) Participate in development, management activities and research.
(h) Contribute to the initiation and development of innovatory practice.
(i) Promote equal opportunities at all levels of Academy activity.

The ‘appointment’ of Associate Assistant Principal is regarded as an ‘assignment’ in addition to the substantive post that a teacher may hold. The assignment will normally last for an academic year but the exact period of the assignment may vary and will be stipulated on appointment.

Second in Maths

Overall purpose of the post:

• Carrying out the professional duties of a teacher as circumstances may require and in accordance with Academy policies, under the direction of the Principal.
• Promoting the achievement of high standards through effecting teaching and learning within subject area(s), preparation, evaluation and action planning.
• Being central in the delivery of the ECM agenda, paying regard to the provision of personalisation for students.
• Modelling the vision and values of the Academy.
• Being part of the team driving the development of Outwood Academy Redcar to become an ‘outstanding’ school.
• Receiving and acting on feedback to build on the strengths and improve personal performance within the Academy systems.
• Contributing, where appropriate, to implementing policies and practice and to promote collective responsibility for their implementation.
• Taking into account and constantly reviewing Academy contextual factors and prior attainment when planning and teaching lessons.
• Working in a cross-curricular way to support subjects across the Academy in the use of active learning approaches to enrich curriculum and skills delivery.
• Recognising, promoting and celebrating diversity.

Main duties and responsibilities:

• Supervision and progress of students in allocated classes.
• Supervision of work of any classroom support staff during times they are allocated to classes.
• To work with HOD and Directors to analyse data and organise intervention where necessary.
• To support HOD with observations of other staff and to provide specific targets for improvement.
• To provide cover work where needed and ensure student work is marked in accordance with academy policy.
• To act as HOD in the absence of the HOD.
• To lead or support SOW
• To lead Statistics and support any staff who are delivering the course.

Develop and sustain DEEP LEADERSHIP across the Academy through:

• Be accountable for student progression for allocated classes.
• Be responsible for effective classroom management.
• Co-ordinate class work with any classroom assistant support.
• Develop and sustain knowledge of current educational practices and be responsible for own continuing professional development.
• Evaluate lessons, incorporating students’ views and responses in order to reflect and act on strengths and areas for development.
• Aide in co-ordinating events and experiences which support the Academy to raise standards.

Develop and sustain DEEP LEARNING across the Academy through:

• Work to student targets and ensure that progress is tracked through a range of strategies.
• Take account and review prior attainment when planning and teaching lessons.
• Reflect on the success of teaching strategies, individual lessons and SoW in meeting the needs of students.
• Apply current guidelines on effective learning and teaching.
• Strive to deliver outstanding lessons.
• Deliver interactive lessons with students.
• Provide good quality assessment using formative and summative methods in conjunction with the Academy’s AfL policy.
• Record test results and ongoing teacher assessments.

Develop and sustain DEEP EXPERIENCE across the Academy through:

• Have responsibility for developing and implementing SoW.
• Be responsible for identifying and reporting issues and developing solutions.
• Be responsible for the day to day delivery within subject area, including assessment and reporting process.
• Develop use of ICT within the curriculum.
• Adapt lessons and identify next steps in response to evaluation of student progress.
• Set effective homework and extension work to encourage and enliven student learning.
• Ensure differentiation and personalisation of learning for all students.
• Be aware of the KS2 curriculum and the standards of progression and attainment for KS3 students.
• Co-ordinate displays with regards to events, opportunities and work which promote the Department/Faculty/Academy.

Develop and sustain DEEP SUPPORT across the Academy through:

• To comply with the Academy’s Child Safeguarding Procedures and to report concerns to the Designated Child Protection Officer.
• Take responsibility for upholding standards of behaviour and classroom management within the classroom and the schools environment.
• Promote the consistent and fair use of the Consequences system within the classroom and the Academy environment.
• Be the first line of contact for parents and carers concerns with regards to their child’s performance and well-being of your classes.
• Perform the duties of a Vertical Mentor Tutor if required, including the provision of information, advice and guidance for students.

Closing Date: 25 November at 12 noon

Interview Date: 28 November 2019

This job description will be reviewed annually and may be subject to amendment or modification at any time after consultation with the post holder. It is not a comprehensive statement of procedures and tasks, but sets out the main expectations of the Academy in relation to the post holder’s professional responsibilities and duties. Elements of this job description and changes to it may be agreed at the request of the Principal or the incumbent of the post.

The post is subject to the current conditions of employment for Class Teachers contained in the School Teacher’s Pay and Conditions Document, the 1998 School Standards and Framework Act, the required standards for Qualified Teacher Status and Class Teachers and other current legislation. This job description should be read in conjunction with ‘Clarification notes on the exercise of professional duties for all teachers, other than head teachers’ contained at Appendix A.

Post holders will be expected to comply with any reasonable request for a senior leaders to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in the job description.



Outwood Academy Redcar

Cotswold Drive, Redcar, TS10 4AB

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This vacancy has closed and no longer accepts applications.



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